Being Dead Inside

If a person lives with one foot in the past and one foot in the future, they are effectively pissing on the present.

This project will focus on creative outlets which will have a┬ápositive influence on my productivity, overall mental health and (hopefully) help fund a new vision for the future. For more information check out About Me. Continue reading “Being Dead Inside”

God Sings like a Blackbird

After a particularly hard day I found myself uncontrollably sobbing in my window. It felt like the world was moving without me; I was alone, my partner was in China for several weeks and I was very ill. My birdcage / home was my own little impenetrable bubble used to isolate me from the world but in moments like those I felt like the world enjoyed me not being part of it. Blah, woe is me. Continue reading “God Sings like a Blackbird”