Miss Passive-Aggressive 

When I decided to make dolls, the design of each character is based around what I was feeling or experiencing at the time. I planned for each character to represent a different aspect of emotion, feeling or personal failings.

Miss Passive-Aggressive was my first doll, I created her at a point where I was unable to look at social media, face my peers or read my emails without saying “Oh you only talk to me to make me feel about myself, that’s fine”. Continue reading “Miss Passive-Aggressive “

Hope Leads To Disappointment

I have reservations about this project Being Dead Inside. I started the project as a kind of self-lead art therapy to give myself something to do, my way to help digging myself out of a hole and, because of how my brain is wired, I have yet again accidentally tried to turn it into an enterprise. I’m worried it could cause me to get low again if it all goes tits-up because of hope.  Continue reading “Hope Leads To Disappointment”

DIY: How To Make A Cloth Doll

This tutorial is aimed at a beginner to intermediate level; you must be confident with a sewing machine and simple sewing principles like back-stitching and hand sewing however you can accomplish this doll by hand sewing alone, it’ll just might take a while! This doll was created using a sublimation printer however you can follow along with a regular printer to create a blank doll.   Continue reading “DIY: How To Make A Cloth Doll”