All opinions are my own and not intended to offend or discredit the feelings and experiences of others. This is simply a platform and outlet to brain-dump thoughts on the path to my own happiness, productivity and future. Please plant your tongue firmly in your cheek when reading anything on this page.

Who Was i?

Prepare for self-deprecation. My name is Paula Fox and I used to be a successful entrepreneur; I ran an award-winning company and I had an optimistic future ahead of me. My my, how things change due to mental health.

I went to universities and gained qualifications, did subjects blah blah.. No one cares... Especially employers, you’d be lucky to get a bar job with an honours degree. I graduated from the University of Dundee and found the easiest way to achieve a future is by building it myself. I worked hard on my company and it was my everything; people save for new shoes, I saved and spent every penny on building my future.

I was in an accident in early 2017 which resulted in an injury which not only impacted my immediate health, finances, business but also my mental health; this injury was the beginning of the end of that future I had been building towards for +5 long years. The end of my business has left me forever heartbroken by lost opportunity because of mental health.

Who am I now?

I am a solo person working my way to recovery and attempting creative steps to overcome my sadness and grief for the death of my dreams. This project, Being Dead Inside, will focus on creative outlets which will have a positive influence on my productivity, overall mental health and (hopefully) help fund a new vision for the future. If I dare to hope.

The projects I plan to undertake will be available for sale on my very first Etsy (COMING SOON)store with the goal of all proceeds funding a Masters Degree at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Not a business – Just some kind of positive reinforcement to turn misery into something optimistic.

Feel free to keep up with more of my general moaning and progress during my making therapy. 

I’d love to hear from you 🙂