Hope Leads To Disappointment

I have reservations about this project Being Dead Inside. I started the project as a kind of self-lead art therapy to give myself something to do, my way to help digging myself out of a hole and, because of how my brain is wired, I have yet again accidentally tried to turn it into an enterprise. I’m worried it could cause me to get low again if it all goes tits-up because of hope. 

I need to learn to become self-forgiving.. Whether this project sells or not it is a success that it has given me purpose and something to do.. Something to work towards and offered a glimmer of hope and happiness. It is my own fault for attempting to monetize my own therapy however sharing and promoting this project can be used to encourage myself to continue the ‘therapy’ – rather than giving up, losing interest and simply letting the misery take over.

Positive Self-Affirmations

  • When you launch the Etsy / Blog / Instagram there will be a long time before you progress or even make your first sale. That is simply the way of it.
  • Think of the wait for your first sale as an opportunity to test / create all the other items on your product list such as hot water bottle quilt covers, aprons and brush / make-up bags. These products are for you to enjoy making or you wouldn’t have chosen them.
  • Don’t be disheartened by the lack of sales, your items are specialist / niche products and you are VERY NEW at this. Be forgiving of yourself because this idea was not built to be a successful business it was built for your mental health not a Corporate Enterprise– therefore any results above zero are a bonus.
  • Set your expectations so low that simply having the Etsy / Blog are an achievement and this will not lead to disappointment.

Doubt + Self Worth = Future Projections

Based on my experience in business, I know a good business is based on: research, niche, development, demographic, branding, network, marketing and competition analysis. I have completed my competitor analysis and research within Etsy, Pinterest and Instagram; I see their figures / sales / reviews / engagements and posts… However I have never before have I attempted research with the shadow of depression and self-doubt. I look at these figures and consider how long they have been working towards their sales figures and social media status? Then assume it would be naive to expect the same amount of traction without knowing other factors of their success.. Are they a likable person? Do they have a supportive family? Do they HAVE a family? Are their friends supportive? These might sound unrelated factors… but in my dark mind, they are valid reasons why I will fail in comparison.

Must Remind One’s Self:

All ventures are a risk. A calculated risk is better. I guess I am too jaded from my past experiences to let the excitement of hope truly creep in. Gone are the days when I will ever be excited about a new business idea. These days I have so much doubt I don’t even know who would read this post, never mind buy a one-of-a-kind doll depicting my struggles.


Reasons To Hope?

There are plenty of videos and posts out there listing ways to Start A Successful Etsy Store or How to Make it BIG on Social Media, and I know it’s not as easy as that. I’ve lived that and I even grew to resent my demographic. Those who meet success often have a louder voice and a platform to discuss HOW EASY it was to make it however,  those thousands who failed don’t have the same platform or simply don’t want to discuss their failures. Therefore I predict failure as a form of self-preservation and realism not pessimism.

I have friends who launched Etsy stores which became a success within a month or two. One of these examples Emma Inks who had an established blog, network and YouTube channel prior to the launch of her designs. This I do not have. My other friend Nic, creates artisanal pottery pieces which are perhaps easier to make a snap purchase decisions as opposed to an expensive doll based on misery. A product with a purpose? Yeah pretty sure I don’t have one of those either.

I’m Sorry

Apologies if this post seems like a huge pile of ramble. I just needed to get my thoughts out of my head. I hope someone understands or feels the same. Feel free to let me know about your Etsy / Social media experiences in anticipation to launch. I’d actually really appreciate someone else’s perspective.

Love,  P.

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