If a person lives with one foot in the past and one foot in the future, they are effectively pissing on the present.

Being Dead Inside

This project will focus on creative outlets which will have a positive influence on my productivity, overall mental health and (hopefully) help fund a new vision for the future. For more information check out About Me.

The Blog

The blog is where I passive-aggressively write stories about different parts of my life,  sarcastically named: Past / The Graveyard of Achievements, Present / General Misery and Future / The Birdcage. The purpose of these posts is to convey that mental health can affect anyone’s life regardless of their situation, success, job or background. I am simply a person working my way to recovery and attempting creative steps to overcome my sadness and grief following the death of my dreams.

The Graveyard of My Achievements are stories about my past successes in business, accidents and circumstances which lead to my depression. General Misery contains posts of my current ramblings and whatever else falls out of my head… then I ask / beg strangers for reassurance and validation. The Birdcage is a category dedicated to my plans, hopes and aspirations of the future to escape my current predicament with depression / self-worth.

Doll Making

I also make little miserable creations! I have taken up a type of Making Therapy where I make Dolls or products when I am sad, stressed or seeking a purpose in my broken little life; it’s weird to think art therapy actually works?

Each of the dolls / projects are intended to convey a different aspect of mental health, personal reflections and struggles with self-deprecating-general-misery. I also have a few Tutorials of how I make my products and projects to keep myself occupied.


I decided to start an Etsy to sell my little miseries… I’m pretty sure this won’t go well, but feel free to check it out.